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If a picture paints a thousand words Ö  then surely a moment of experience paints an entire story Ö..



After nearly ten years in the education world (and add a five more beyond that as a parent of two lively young lads) I have come to the conclusion that all good early childhood programmes have at heart the same ideals and aspirations - we all want the very best for our students; so all the blurb, philosophies and literature essentially say the same thing - just couched in different ways. I could now give you several paragraphs of wonderful prose - but I wonít as I have a class of children to teach and thatís far more important Ö


For PlayDays itís simple - come and see us to really experience what we are about - in essence we really value having parents involved with us, we believe that every child is truly special and when they are given a creative, pressure free, fun-filled environment, with continued opportunities to develop real life-skills - well, they simply love to learn!


So, thank you for reading this far; and now do find out more about our exciting programmes in the following pages and then contact us for a personal chat or to arrange a preview session so you and your child can experience PlayDays for real!

  With my warmest regards,    

Su-Lin Ditcham

Mother, Teacher and Founder

PlayDays PlaySchool Pte Ltd